Our Staff

Evangelist David Oteko [Managing Director]
Evangelist David is the co founder of Jesus Is LORD Ministries and his primary focus is in children and widows’ ministries, David is a dedicated Christian who has a caring heart for orphans and widows, this is because he knows the suffering that these children and widows pass through. He is also involved in organizing gospel outreaches and he has been of much help to the organization up to date.

Sofia Bana [MOBILIZER]
She is the project mobilizer, devoted Christian and faithful woman. Sofia has brought a lot changes in our project both physically and spiritually and hence Sofia has sworn in to serve the entire community. She is also the leader of praise and worship in our ministry and is responsible for training the children in choir, that is to say gospel music, and discipline to the children.

Victor Namirengo [ADIVSOR]
Her department is very excellent in services to the ministry and the executive committee members have been very appreciative for her services and to the whole communities of Jinja and other districts. Victor is vigilant in services where necessary to the ministry in terms of advising the executive committee members of this ministry and simply because she speaks with boldness to everyone.

Rose received Jesus Christ as her personal savior in 2001 when she was in a crusade ground where a powerful man of God preached a message from John 3:16. Ever since that time she befriended Jesus he has been her intimate friend and she decided to serve God in this ministry where she works as a coordinator.

Joyce Muzale [TREASURER]
Joyce Muzale works as the treasurer in this ministry and she thanks God for appointing her to stand in awesome responsibility of being the treasurer in this ministry. The executive committee members are really treasuring her in term of finances since she has been so faithful from the day she was appointed and her service has been so successful due to the fear of God because she serves so faithfully.

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