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Dream Children’s Ministry-Uganda Presents Our Latest Ministry: DREAM CHILDREN’S HOME!

As you may know, the purpose of Dream Children’s Ministry-Uganda is to provide protection, education, shelter, care and support for the next generation. It was founded by David Oteko in 2013 through his experience of the loss of his parents from AIDS. In 2014, Dream Children’s Ministry-Uganda was recognized by the Jinja District Local Government Directorate of Gender and Community-Based Organization as a licensed C.B.O. and currently cares for 68 children who are staying with foster families. God brought about the idea for Dream Children’s Home as a solution to the lack of parental love, care and support commonly associated with foster homes. The dream is to start with 30 children in one home, and when enough support is available, another home will be added. We shall continue with this as long as God supplies the resources.

Our experience in Uganda shows that over 2 million children have lost one or both parents due to AIDS. In the northern region a number of families have been affected due to the war that has raged on for over 20 years. Abandonment and family breakdown have also affected the family unit, leaving children on the streets and very vulnerable. This state of anarchy in the north of the country continues and has destroyed many young lives simply because our intervention is limited to only those directly under our care.

We have also learned that the most economical way to take care of multiple children is to house them together in a rented house. We have been offered such a house for only US$200.00 per month! This will provide the children a home-like environment many have not yet experienced. The house will be administered by two Christian widows with the help of the children and direct supervision by our ministry team. We are grateful to our Father God for this opportunity to rescue more of His beautiful children, and we pray that He will raise up future church leaders from this ministry.

All donations made to Dream Children’s Ministry-Uganda are accompanied by a receipt. Donations are logged and registered and, where practical, provide a description of how the money has been applied. Housing and providing for 30 children is a huge project with many expenses. A large variety of goods and start-up items (such as beds, kitchenware, etc.) are required, and ongoing support will be needed to purchase food items, pay utility expenses and medical costs

Items needed!
1. House Rent
2. Beds and mattresses
3. Bed sheets and blankets
4. Mosquito nets
5. Kitchen equipment

I have added the budget into our website and you can choose to donate to a specific item or send items to us.

Please message me for more information and how you can also donate via western union or money gram.



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