School and Community Outreach

School Outreach

Jesus Is Lord Ministries goes out preaching the gospel in primary schools, high schools and in vocational institutions as well. During school periods we organize a group of dedicated preachers who go out in schools, and in this ministry, many young men and women have surrendered their lives to Jesus. We do not just leave these children after ministering to them, we do the follow ups and supply them with Bibles, Bible trucks and encourage them in the Lord.

We also do the following:

  • Plan schools HIV/AIDS programmers.
  • Organize Education and communication activities like music dance and aimed at HIV/AIDS prevention programmes
  • Train school students to go out as volunteers for HIV/AIDS
  • Show films related to HIV/AIDS prevention in order to strengthen awareness in schools
  • Health education session (HIV/AIDS awareness, S.T.D)

We need your prayers and support since this ministry involves much activity and we cannot do it without your support.

Community Gospel Outreach

We of Jesus Is Lord Ministries believe that the only way for the Gospel to reach to all people in the world is through Christian outreach. As a result, we organize ourselves as a large team of preachers and go out to preach the good news to people in towns and in rural villages. We organize crusades, streets preaching, door to door preaching and also plant churches in the areas where we have preached.

In this Community Gospel Outreach ministry, we are involved in many activities such as:

  • Door to door preaching
  • Open air preaching

We also work to:

  • Tackle/handle stigmatization of the victims of HIV/AIDS
  • Mitigate the health and social -economic impact of HIV/AIDS at individual, household and community level
  • Facilitate effective home visitation for witnessing &counseling
  • Encourage and strengthen the communities to respond to HIV/AIDS epidemic
  • Set up youth recreational facilities at village community centers
  • Reduce the further spread of HIV infection
  • Mobilize for and provide voluntary counseling and testing services
  • Organize and lead open-air sensitization meetings and debates
  • Produce information on the dangers of S.T.D’s and their prevention
  • Support and supervise activities of communities in collaboration with partner C.B.O’s
  • Train volunteer counselors
  • Facilitate Literature distribution

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