We of Jesus Is Lord Ministries strive to bring to life the healing ministry of Jesus through our compassionate care and exceptional/services.

…To reduce stigma, psychological torture among the orphans, vulnerable children and widows in order to build hope that will help them regain their lost glory through provision of basic needs of life i.e. shelter, food, education, medical care, clothing etc.

…To help deprived excluded and orphans, vulnerable, homeless children living in poverty have the ability to become young adults, parents and leaders who can bring positive change to the communities of Jinja and beyond.

…To promote societies affected by HIV/AIDS through creation of healthy services that helps both AIDS affected children, widows and communities at large and sensitizing them about HIV/AIDS awareness.

Jesus is Lord Ministries seeks to secure the life of Uganda children through education for orphans, empowerment for widows, education and prevention of HIV/AIDS, income generating activities, evangelism, and church in order to meet the physical, spiritual and emotional needs to orphans and widows facing welfare problems.

Short Statement of Purpose:
JILM purpose is to improve and promote the full integration of poor, disadvantaged and vulnerable widows and children- especially orphans, street children, homeless children, out-of-school children, disabled children, prisoner children and children victims of human rights violations within the community and to prepare them to assume their responsibility in the future life. Also, the organization is engaged in combating and fighting HIV/AIDS and to promote the social and economic development of poor women.

Q. Do you have goals you are working toward in your future as a mission? For the children?
A. Yes, JEUS IS LORD MINISTRIES is child focused and encourages integrated interventions, as the needs of orphans and vulnerable children do not exist in isolation.

Q. What is your philosophy of care in regards to children?
A. Our philosophy is to bring glory to God by providing better living conditions and good education in a Christian environment to orphans, widows, and the needy. To uphold the sanctity of human life by meeting the physical, emotional, educational and spiritual needs of orphaned children.

Q. Do you seek to keep families together? (Try to involve relatives)
A. Yes, We try to extend the parent-child relationship in this we decrease the vulnerability experienced by the child.

Q. How is AIDS awareness, prevention, understanding etc part of your project?
A. Lack of awareness about AIDS has resulted in fear, shame and denial. The resulting wall of silence had hindered prevention and care efforts. The ministry now works with other stakeholders to reduce the stigma so that people can support vulnerable children and widows and take advantage of the available resources.

Q. How would your Christian beliefs influence what you do? How are they visible at your project?
A. The Community has understood that it is through God and prayer that they are seeing the fruits in their community. Although the gospel has been presented through the pulpit and possibly crusades, we feel our approach through charitable activities has greatly contributed to getting Christ known in the communities where we work.

Who We Are

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