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Zabina Nalumondo and family

Zabina Nalumondo and family. Zabina is living with HIV/AIDS. She lost her husband in 2009 due to AIDS and is now taking care of four grandchildren whom she is not able to care for well because of her illness and poverty.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic has created an orphan crisis in Uganda; its believed over 1.5 million Ugandan children under 14 have lost a parent or both to the epidemic. These children are left helpless, Jesus is Lord Ministries is supporting such Children through education support which includes scholastic materials e.g. Books, Pens, pencils, and school uniform.

A person living with HIV/AIDS needs our support, care and encouragement to be able to handle their situation better without resentment. In this category, Jesus is Lord Ministries is helping people living with HIV/AIDS through counseling, training in micro enterprise, and treatment.

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