Children’s and Women’s Ministries

The scriptural mandate for these ministries is: “Learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widows” (Isaiah 1:17)

Children’s Ministry

This is the essence of our mission at Jesus is Lord Ministries. Under this program we assist orphans and vulnerable children. We have 50 registered children under our care and offer them primarily much needed emotional care. So many of our children have suffered the trauma of losing their parents due to HIV/AIDS and/or of living in extreme poverty, and we seek to alleviate their pain and provide emotional healing by providing a safe, loving place where these children are free to be kids again.

Foster Care:
Most orphaned children with family ties are supported at their relative’s homes. JILM provides education support, medical attention, school uniforms and scholastic materials to these children. Without such help these less-privileged children would have no access to education and medical care.

Happy Children

Happy Children


Women’s Ministry

The Women ministry is an initiative of Jesus is Lord Ministries that is made up of HIV-positive widows, grandmothers, and guardians. In social and economic terms, HIV/AIDS epidemic hits women hardest.

When AIDS cases in women first started getting attention, some studies found that after being diagnosed women were not living as long as affected men were. It soon became clear that the epidemic was striking women harder than men. They weren’t sure whether women were less responsive to treatment, but it was later concluded that the reason for shorter survival terms was likely socio-economic. Women with AIDS were more likely to be poor, with less access to help, and thus less likely to get prompt medical attention. They were also less likely to get a definitive diagnosis of HIV disease.

The vulnerability of rural poor women continues to increase. It is women who shoulder the burden of caring for the sick and the dying. The necessity of caring for their sick diverts their energies from economic production that would provide income, causing food insecurity, decline in nutrition, lack of money to buy medicine, and thus health decline. In Uganda many more women living with HIV/AIDS than men head households. These women most often cannot meet all the basic needs of the families such as medical care, food, clothing, paying school fees and other welfare needs.

The death of a husband often leaves women without access to sufficient resources to provide for their families. Many times, these women are HIV-positive themselves and may lack access to basic healthcare at the same time that their health needs prevent them from providing adequate care to their children.

This ministry to Women is under a Christian organization, but works with all people regardless of their faith or religious affiliation.

The project is aimed at equipping women with lifetime skills through training in various aspects, including art and crafts and setting up a business. Jesus is Lord Ministries has 32 registered widows who are in critical need of your help.
“So create awareness and take action,” support widows to strengthen their capacity building through implementation.

Your support will make a world of difference for these women and their children. Please consider a donation to the women project. Each donation of $120 will provide enough start-up capital for one woman to support her family with an income-generating small business.

Namubiri Bawa Rachael

Namubiri Bawa Rachael

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