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Jesus is Lord Ministries is a faith-based organization, reaching across all the denominations and mainstream religions. Our ministry is motivated by Christ’s message of love to the children, “Let the children come to me.” We are located in Wairaka Village, Kakira Sub County, Jinja District in Uganda. We are 7km away from Jinja town, near the shores of Lake Victoria Iganga High.

Jesus Is Lord Ministries was established by Evangelist Oteko David and Evangelist Lyagoba Ivan in 2011 and it was registered as a community-based organization in 2012. As dedicated Christians, the Evangelists could not ignore the plight of the forgotten children and the widows in their community and the surrounding areas, many of whom lacked even the most basic essentials of life.

These children and widows were impoverished in every sense of the word. No one seemed to want them. That is why in 2012 these evangelists opened up Jesus Is Lord ministries in Wairaka Village, Jinja district.

The project now has 50 registered children who are being helped at their relatives’ homes and those without relatives are being given stronger Christians from the church to stay with. The vision of Jesus Is Lord Ministries is to embrace the children and widows, care for the concerned orphaned children from their basic needs to their spiritual needs, and sustainably enrich, support and equip the vulnerable orphans with knowledge, skills and the necessary emotional attitude to realize and use their own potentials for their better welfare and that of their communities.

Jesus Is Lord Ministries is also focused on the providing of holistic support to all categories of orphans and vulnerable children through the structures of the Christian churches.


Jesus is Lord Ministries is an independent, indigenous non-governmental organization which was started in 2011 and then fully registered in 2012 by Evangelist Lyagoba Ivan and Evangelist David Oteko to address the growing needs of orphans and widows due to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. (CHARITY REGISTRATION NUMBER: 1813)

Though started as a community based organization, Jesus is Lord Ministries will soon be upgraded to a non governmental organization to better handle the anticipated future characterized by abject poverty and the unending spread of HIV/AIDS.

Jesus is Lord Ministries has been a fully independent CBO/FBO both in the council and district level with the headquarters in Wairaka village Jinja district, about a 3 hour drive from the capital (Kampala) Uganda. The ministry is looking forward to open more branches in other districts as well.

Jesus is Lord Ministries does not discriminate in regard to religious or tribal background in its mission to serve orphans, vulnerable children, widows and our community members living with AIDS.

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