Jinja District

Uganda, Jinja District

Jinja District is located in the southeastern part of Uganda. It is a small district found east of the Nile River and along the northern shores of Lake Victoria. Jinja District has an area of 767.7sq Km of which 701.9 sq km is land and the rest (65.8 Sq km) is covered by water bodies.

The district is subdivided into 3 counties namely, Butembe, Kagoma and Jinja Municipality. There are 11 Sub-Counties; 46 Parishes and 381 villages. Jinja Municipality has three sub-counties and 55 villages. It is bordered to the east by Iganga and Mayuge districts, to the north by Kamuli district and to the southwest by Mukono district. (Uganda, Republic of 1991).

Previously, Jinja was Uganda’s leading industrial town, however the industrial base collapsed in the 1970s and 80s following Idi Amins regime. Jinja’s strength has since declined leaving only remnants of industries developed on outdated technology. There are a few industries that have been re-established in the town, but nonetheless it has not helped majority of residents who continue to suffer from endemic poverty with very limited purchasing power or productivity. Jinja Municipality is Uganda’s second largest town and is a major economic center in the region, as well an important tourist destination, particularly its white-water-rafting.

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