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New House for Florence Bengo

The roof is gone with the wind.

The roof was gone with the wind.

New House in process

New House in process

A few weeks back we showed the photos of Florence Bengo’s house which the roof was destroyed by the wind, not only the roof was damaged but even the walls as you can see.

We sat as a committee and decided to break that destroyed house and build her a new good house which will be enough for her and the family!
The building of the house commenced two weeks back but due to the heavy rains, it has led to it is delay as you can see the photos, though the rain is too much here in Uganda which is delaying the building of this house, but we believe that in two to three weeks time she will be proudly sleeping in her new house.

Please consider to continue supporting us as we operate under your prayers and donations!

Thank you for all those ones who donated and those ones willing to donate, please donate $25 for the roofing of this house!

All Must Be for Jesus

You can sell everything you own, move yourself/your entire family across the world, start an organization that helps thousands and thousands of people, raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, have everyone and their grandmother support you and all the church/business/internet peeps telling everyone they know about your organization but if Jesus isn’t in it, you have done nothing. The work we do HAS to be an overflow of our faith. It can’t be done so this one says, “Look what these people gave up to go help the poor.” You can do NOTHING without Christ. When you chase after recognition for yourself from the world, you stop making a difference in His kingdom. It’s not about us. We’re only here for Him. We’re. Only. Breathing. Because. He. Allows. It. If you’re not leading people to Jesus with what you’re doing, what you’re doing is worthless.

Lord, stir our hearts to serve You when we’re tired. Humble our hearts so that we put ourselves on the altar for You to use. Not just the parts of ourselves that are left over from the rest of the business of this world, but all of us. Create in us a firestorm for Your glory. Help us not to constantly long to do Your will but to align our lives with the will You already have for us. We. Are. Ready.

Her Roof is Gone With the Wind

Florance Bengo and her damaged home

Florance Bengo is in desperate need of help with getting the materials to repair her roof.

The roof is gone with the wind.

The roof is gone with the wind.

Do you know that only $25 can buy an iron sheet for the roof of widow Florance Bengo’ house, which was lost due to wind? If you can help, please use the yellow donate button on the right.

She is ready for high school, can someone help her get supplies?


We are proudly happy to announce that one of our girls whose photo appears here, Monica Adeke, did her final primary (elementary) exams last year and the results came back yesterday.

Monica has passed with good grades and she will be be joining High school this month, we there for request all our dear brothers and sisters to pray and support her high school education.

May any one come out proudly to sponsor her!!
Thanks and may God bless you all!!