Specioza Nantale

NAME: Specioza Nantale
AGE: 66
VILLAGE: Wairaka

Specioza is a born again Christian woman who loves Jesus Christ very much. She lost her husband 18 years back and now she is earning her living from farming and selling onions and tomatoes. She does all this because she has no help, but, sincerely speaking, at that age she should could be doing some little work at home, not digging gardens and traveling to far places to sell her vegetables.

Since many families in Uganda are extended families, Specioza is also caring for the three young children of her brother and his wife, who died of HIV/AIDS in 2004. They all depend on her and this family needs help because the children are not going to school as they lack both basic needs and scholastic materials. Anyone who reaches his/her hand to help Specioza and the family at large will be highly appreciated.